Halloween III: Season of the Witch (1982) Review


Directed by Tommy Lee Wallace

Starring Tom Atkins and Dan O’ Herlihy

Plot: The beginning of the film has a man being chased by some stiff guys. He manages to get away from them. The man is admitted into a hospital. We meet Dr. Dan Challis (Atkins) who is about to go to sleep, that’s until he is awaken to the sound of a scream. He races to check out what all the fuss is about, he finds out the man from earlier has been murdered. He catches up to the assailant who committed the killing, only to witness his ‘suicide’.


The daughter of the man questions Challis. Her name is Ellie, she wants to find answers. So, Challis and her head to a small town that her father occasionally would visit. The town is eerie. Challis and Ellie believe something is up and check into a hotel. After the two make passionate love, a woman in a nearby room is killed mysteriously. Wanting to help find the cause of death, we are introduced to Cochran (O’ Herlihy), a merry gentleman who owns the mask factory in the town.


The next day, Challis and Ellie head to the factory. They are greeted and accept a chance to go on a tour. Everything seems normal until Ellie notices her father’s car. They leave the factory and are pursued later. Ellie is kidnapped, so Dan breaks into the factory, only to be caught. Cochran reveals his evil plan to Challis and gives a demonstration (killing a family, oh no!). He plans to kill children with Halloween masks. Challis escapes and turns the tables on Cochran. Now, it’s a race against time to stop every broadcast before thousands of children are killed!


Review: I LOVE THIS ONE! I enjoy it so much. The film went a different direction and I applaud that. I love slasher films, but there were so many and this was a fresh idea. I wish they materialized on idea of a different movie every Halloween. Sadly, we got Michael Myers again, doing the same thing that Michael did every film. Would this film have faired better with another name? Yeah, maybe. But, I think it has every right in the world to be a Halloween film. The films score gave the film an unsettling feel. O’Herlihy gave an amazing performance, he’s easily one of the best villains in horror films, even more true evil than Michael. Yeah.


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