The 5 Best Flicks I watched this October

As with the worst list, the following are the best flicks I watched this October!

5.) When A Stranger Calls…Back (1993)– A sequel that I enjoyed way more than the first. when-a-stranger-calls-back-original

4.) The Hidden (1987)– Two aliens face off. One jumps into different bodies making it hard to find it. It was such a fun movie with neat ideas.


3.) Near Dark (1987)– An amazing vampire romp. It’s another flick with neat ideas. I really enjoyed the special effects for this one.


2.) Body Bags (1993)– An anthology featuring John Carpenter cracking dead jokes. All three stories were fun!


and #1 is….

1.) Little Shop of Horrors (1986)– Yep, a musical that I really enjoyed. It was pretty funny and had some of the most impressive puppetry ever. The songs were catchy and everyone did a great job at the vocals.



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