The 5 Worst Flicks I watched this October

It’s a tradition of mine every year to watch as many movies that I can in October. It’s usually movies that I’ve bought within the year. The following is the five worst movies I’ve watched this October.

5.) The Watchers Series (1988, 1990, 1994, 1998)– Now, The Watchers had potential to be really good. Overall, it failed. I’ve decided to place the entire series in this category. I do like the third flick, although it’s one of the biggest Predator rip-offs out there. There just wasn’t any variety with these films, sort of the rinse repeat method. I also felt that the dog was the best character in every flick.


4.) Hold That Ghost (1941)– Abbott and Costello were a huge comedy act in the day. I never cared about them. I didn’t like Hold That Ghost, it wasn’t funny. I usually laugh at humor from back then.


3.) Prison (1988)– I had high hopes for his. I was just letdown by it. The film did have impressive visuals. That’s all it had.


2.) Final Exam (1981)– I watched it as a youth and didn’t like it. Watched it this month and didn’t like it. I usually give 80s slasher films the benefit of the doubt, that’s only when they’re entertaining.


and #1 is…..

1.) Trick or Treats (1982)– I was so happy to finish watching this. It was so unbearable. It wasn’t a fun and cheesy movie at all. Like, the stuff with the man dressed as a woman was amusing, but then it would go back to the little boy playing pranks on his babysitter. The ending was terrible. The only thing this had going for it was a neat poster.


What flicks did you watch this year that really made you question your sanity?


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