Halloween (1978) Review


Directed by John Carpenter

Starring Donald Pleasence and Jamie Lee Curtis

Plot: In 1963, a young boy named Michael Myers killed his sister on Halloween. He was locked away and fifteen years later, he decided to escape. His doctor, Sam Loomis (Pleasence) heads to Michael’s hometown to stop anything bad from happening. It’s Halloween and we meet Laurie Strode (Curtis), a shy teenage girl, she keeps seeing a man in a white mask everywhere she goes.


Loomis arrives in Haddonfield and tries to warn the Sheriff about Michael. Laurie babysits and Michael continues to stalk her. Loomis and the Sheriff check out Michael’s home and discover the body of a dog, that Michael has eaten. Loomis stays behind while the Sheriff checks out the town. Laurie is stuck babysitting another kid while her friend meets her boyfriend, it doesn’t go well because she is murdered. Oh and two other people are murdered. Loomis discovers the car that Michael stole a day earlier and begins to look around the neighborhood.


Laurie decides to head across the street to check on her friends, but discovers their dead bodies. She is attacked by Michael and escapes. She head back to the house where she is babysitting. Michael gets in too and Laurie injures him. Believing he is dead, she consoles the two young children, Michael ruins this. Loomis comes into the house and fires six shots into Michael’s heart.


Review: One of the best horror films out there. It’s a pretty scary flick. Just little moments are unsettling and the score adds to that. It’s the perfect horror film! and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!


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