Halloween II (1981) Review


Directed by Rick Rosenthal

Starring Donald Pleasence and Jamie Lee Curtis

Plot: Taking place after the events of Halloween, we see Michael Myers retreating to the back streets of Haddonfield. While his doctor, Loomis (Pleasence) tries to find him. Along with the Sheriff, they continue their search. The lone survivor of Michael’s attack, Laurie (Curtis) is taken to the local hospital.

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Dr. Loomis mistakes someone as Michael and they get set aflame. So, they get together with a coroner to determine if it is Michael. Laurie is put under sedation at the hospital. Michael finds out about her location and heads to the hospital. He makes it to the hospital, easily entering due to a silly security guard. Dr. Loomis is ordered to return to the hospital by order of the Governor, on the way he finds out the shocking truth. Michael and Laurie are siblings.


Michael kills off the hospital staff. Dr. Loomis frantically tries to get to Laurie before Myers does. Laurie escapes from Michael, running throughout the hospital. She is able to lose him. Loomis and a few others arrive at the hospital, they find Laurie, Michael is after them. Loomis is stabbed and Michael gets his eyes shot out. Loomis orders Laurie out, while Loomis proceeds in blowing up the hospital and burning Michael alive.


Review: I always loved this one. It may not be that original, but it takes place in the same night, so there’s that. One huge plus is the film’s score, which was done by John Carpenter and Alan Howarth. The film is pretty creepy and it really amps up the gore-o-meter. It’s a great sequel and follow-up to Halloween!


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