Friday the 13th Part II (1981) Review


Directed by Steve Miner

Starring Amy Steel and John Furey

Plot: Alice, the survivor of the previous film has been living with nightmares of murdering Mrs. Voorhees. One night, she is murdered. Five years later, a group of counselors gather to train at a nearby camp. They again are warned of curses and once again, they ignore everything.


The counselors are filled in on the Camp Crystal Lake legend and told to forget it. Some curious counselors try to seek out the camp, but are caught by a local police officer. The officer is murdered. Later that night, the counselors head out to a night of fun. Some stay back at the camp. Those who stay at the camp are murdered in creative ways. The killer is Jason and he’s wearing a sack over his head!


Two of the counselors return, Ginny (Steel) and Paul (Furey) who find the lack of activity disturbing. They are attacked by Jason. Ginny makes a run for it and Jason chases her. She seeks refuge in a rundown shack and finds numerous bodies. Jason closes in on her, so she disguises herself as Jason’s dead mother. She’s able to trick Jason long enough to drive a machete into his shoulder.


Review: This is probably the first Friday the 13th I watched. I think it’s where the series truly begins. The film has many decent moments. The characters are likable. Once again, Harry Manfredini’s score is pretty good, my favorite score of the series. For some reason, I always remember Ginny pulling Jason’s mask off and finding a note. That’s when I watched it on USA in the mid 90s. It’s a good sequel and one of my favorite entries in the franchise.


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