Friday the 13th Part III (1982) Review


Directed by Steve Miner

Starring Dana Kimmell and Richard Brooker

Plot: An injured Jason (Brooker) retreats after being defeated. He grabs some new clothes after killing some people at a market. We meet a group of young people lead by Chris (Kimmell) who go out for a weekend of fun at a place called “Higgins Haven”, which was once Chris’ home. Jason happens to be there too!

Slasher Film - Friday the 13th Part III - First on Screen

Two of the youths make some local bikers pissed, they come and let the gas out of their van. The bikers head into the barn, where Jason is hiding. They are murdered. Meanwhile, Chris and her friend, Rick, have drove away because she needed some time away. Jason kills everyone at Higgin’s Haven and Jason has a new mask. Chris and Rick return to find everything calm. Rick goes out to find someone and is killed by Jason. Then, Jason comes after Chris.


Chris runs to the barn where she hurts Jason by hanging him! He lifts up his mask to reveal his face and she remembers him from an incident that happened years ago. She grabs an ax and directs it right into his skull…seemingly killing him. She takes a boat out to the lake and sees Jason rushing towards her. She was really having a dream until Mrs. Voorhees grabs her, pulling her into the lake. Which was another dream, Chris is totally insane.


Review: It’s another good sequel. I always watched this as a kid. The late Richard Brooker did a fine job playing Jason, he’s one of my favorites. Jason looked so awesome in this. I’ve always noticed Brooker’s little mannerisms he added, like the way he walked and made entrances. His Jason is pretty terrifying. Anyway, some minor detractors are definitely the scenes that were meant for 3D. It gets a bit corny. I still love it though. Oh and the disco tune for the opening is AWESOME!


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