5 Least Favorite Godzilla Flicks

As with my top 10 list, I felt I should include my least favorite Godzilla flicks.

05.) Godzilla Raids Again- The second Godzilla flick was the first to add another monster for him to fight. They’d continue this throughout the series. I liked the fights, but felt the movie was kinda generic. It did introduce my favorite Godzilla friend,¬†Angilas.


04.) Destroy All Monsters!- A film that had major potential. I always thought it was going to be epic. I was truly letdown by it. It built up to a lame conclusion.


03.) Son of Godzilla- Not as bad as I remember, yet still not good. There were some pretty cool monster fights. Minya is beyond annoying.


02.) Godzilla’s Revenge- This one focuses on a kid who imagines himself on Monster Island, it’s basically recycled stock footage from previous Godzilla flicks. Oh and Minya, See Son of Godzilla above ^


and #1 is…

01.) Godzilla: Final Wars- Yep, the film that came out on Godzilla’s 50th anniversary. The film focused mainly on mutants who ripoff the Matrix and then finally Godzilla comes. We see campy fights that try too hard to be too much like Showa Godzilla, of course, they fail. The characters are unlikable and the monster costumes weren’t anything special. I did like the little nod to Godzilla vs. MechaGodzilla though.



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