Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter (1984) Review


Directed by Joseph Zito

Starring Corey Feldman and Kimberly Beck

Plot: After Jason was presumably killed, his body was taken to the morgue. The coroner and a nurse begin to fool around, Jason’s hand slips off of the slab he’s on, scaring the nurse, his body is put into a freezer. The nurse leaves and Jason wakes up. He kills both the nurse and coroner. We then meet the Jarvis family, who live deep in the woods. They speak of some young people who are renting a house across from them. The young people are rowdy!


Tommy (Feldman) and his sister, Trish (Beck) meet a man named Rob. He’s very inquisitive about the youths across from the Jarvis’. Tommy shows Rob his skill of making masks and other neat special effects. The youths go skinny dipping and later have a party. There are also a pair of twins with them, they party that night and people head upstairs to pork. Meanwhile, Jason is outside killing anyone who comes out. Tommy and Trish’s mom falls victim to Jason.


Rob tells Trish about Jason and how the murderer killed his sister (Sandra from Part II). He’s there to hunt Jason. Everyone at the house of youngsters are murdered by Jason. Rob and Trish go to investigate, Rob is attacked and killed by Jason. Voorhees chases Trish to her house. Tommy on the other hand, decides to make himself look like Jason, with the hopes of tricking him. It works long enough for Jason to get a machete right in his face. Tommy loses his shit and repeatedly pummels Jason with the machete.


Review: My favorite of the series. The characters in this are very relatable, they deal with realistic problems. Tom Savini returned to do the special effects and I say they are the best in the series. Jason is played by Ted White, he’s my favorite actor to play Jason. He’s also terrifying in the role. This was directed by Joseph Zito, who made another one of my favorite slasher flicks, The Prowler along with Missing in Action and Invasion USA.


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