Random Nostalgia Post #5- Bond Games

Well this weekend is the release of the latest Bond flick, Spectre. Bond is one of the longest running franchises out there. James Bond has been played by various actors. He’s also had a lot of games over the decades. I’m going to be focusing on those that I have played.

          The names Allen, Cory Allen

First we start off with a little known Bond game based on a TV series, James Bond Jr. It was a cartoon and well I never watched it. The game was called James Bond Jr. for the Super Nintendo.I do remember playing the game back in the day. My local video store, Video Solution, had it and I rented it quite a bit. From what I remember, it was fun. I wouldn’t know how it would hold up now though.


Next, we go onto what is probably the most well-known Bond game, Goldeneye 007 for the Nintendo 64. Yep, everyone is always a buzz about the multiplayer which was revolutionary and is fun. I know, the story is pretty good. It’s one of two N64 Bond games that I owned for the console. This was around Pierce Brosnan’s run as the titular spy.


Now, Goldeneye was good, but I enjoyed this next one more. The World is Not Enough for Nintendo 64. It’s one of the few games I beat for the console. I played it a lot. The best part about it was being a dick to people. The beginning has you walking into a bank, the teller talks to you, I’d always shoot her with the stun dart on my watch. Then, just walk around massacring people at the bank because I was Bond, James Bond.


Last, but not least is 007 Racing for Playstation. I don’t remember too much from it, other than crashing Bond’s Aston Martin. I think Pierce Brosnan was Bond on here and it had cars from other Bond flicks. 007_racing

Yep, the last Bond game I played was for the PSone. I am aware of other Bond games and hopefully I can get around to them in the future. Anyway, I played Bond games before I even watched the movies, except Goldfinger, which I watched as a kid. I have come to enjoy the franchise and the main reason was for the games. I probably would’ve never given these flicks a chance, if it weren’t for the games!


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