Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning (1985) Review


Directed by Danny Steinmann

Starring John Shepard and Melanie Kinnaman

Plot: The film begins with Tommy wandering through the woods, he walks up to the grave of Jason Voorhees, whom he put there. He hides and watches as two guys dig up Jason’s corpse. Much to their surprise, Jason rises from his grave and kills both of them. He sets his eyes on Tommy and as he’s about to kill him, Tommy (Shepard) wakes up. He’s taken to a halfway house for troubled teens. They’re a bunch of characters. One character gets killed over a bar!


The paramedics arrive to pick up the pieces of the young man. Later that night, various people are murdered. But, we aren’t give a clue who did it. The next day, Tommy gets into a fight with one of the other teens. Then, some people go away to pork, they are murdered. Tommy and Pam (Kinnaman) take Reggie (a young boy who isn’t whacko) to see his brother. While there, Tommy gets into an altercation with a local and runs away. Reggie’s brother and girlfriend are murdered. Meanwhile, at the halfway house, everyone is murdered. Pam and Reggie are chased by a hockey mask wearing killer. We presume it’s Jason.


‘Jason’ chases them to the barn, Pam attacks him with a chainsaw. Tommy comes and confronts the killer. He is attacked, he attempts to climb a ladder to the second floor of the barn, where he passes out. ‘Jason’ is knocked out of the barn onto a Hay Baler. We finds out it’s not Jason…but who is it??


Review: I know that this is considered the black sheep of the series, but I think it is quite enjoyable. I mean, people were sore because Jason wasn’t in it. The films series started out the way, so I think this one can get a pass. It’s a fun movie. The characters don’t take themselves too serious and that’s okay. Miguel Nunez played Spider and he was pretty funny and Reggie was awesome! I always had a crush on Melanie Kinnaman when I was younger. It’s a good one, so don’t let anyone tell you differently! The films score went a different direction and it’s good. The special effects were noticeably cheaper, but it didn’t hurt the film. The film sort of had the same ending as the previous Friday. Oh and I didn’t think the twist was that good. I mean, it went back to its whodunnit roots, but the build up wasn’t there. Still, this is one of my favorite entries in the series.

Here’s a gif of Violet dancing. You’re welcome.



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