Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives (1986) Review


Directed by Tom McLoughlin

Starring Thom Mathews and Jennifer Cooke

Plot: Tommy Jarvis (Mathews) is still haunted by Jason and aims to dig him up and destroy his body. Tommy and his friend find Jason’s grave and begin to dig. They open his casket and he’s all rotted and maggot covered. Tommy loses it and begins to stab Jason with a metal rod. Unluckily, a lightning bolt strikes it, awaking Jason from the dead. Jason kills Tommy’s friend, Ole Tom is able to escape though.


Tommy tries to tell the local Sheriff about Jason, but he sounds like a nut and is immediately jailed. Jason wears his hockey mask again and does what he does best, killing people who enter his territory. The next day, the Sheriff’s daughter, Megan (Cooke) wants her father to look for her friends (who were killed by Jason). Tommy tells her about Jason, which angers the Sheriff. Megan develops a crush on Tommy. Later, Megan and her friends are at Camp Forest Green, formally Camp Crystal Lake. They are counselors and take care of some kids. Meanwhile, the Sheriff escorts Tommy out of the town, Tommy tries to convince the Sheriff but fails.


Jason kills numerous folks while making his way back to his old stomping grounds. Tommy seeks Megan’s help in destroying Jason, once and for all. They get into a high-speed chase and Tommy is arrested. He’s also being blamed for the murders that Jason has been committing. Megan helps Tommy escape and they head to the camp. Jason has killed all of the counselors and most of the Sheriff’s deputies. Tommy plans to drop Jason into the lake, his original resting place!


Review: This film was the beginning of the undead Jason phase. It’s pretty cool that old school classic horror played a part in this. Thom Mathews did a pretty good job as Tommy, he’s my favorite actor to play that character. I liked that kids were at camp on this, although I wish they did more with that. The writing was pretty good and added funny humor in it. CJ Graham was awesome as Jason. I didn’t care for the score on this one. Overall, I like it, not as much as I use to.


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