In Remembrance of Gunnar Hansen


Long ago, as a young boy, I walked through the horror section of my video store. I noticed a cover for a movie called, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. My mom already knew of it, she rented it. My family gathered around in the living room on that Saturday night. We watched this flick and it was creepy to me. From that day on, I loved this film. It became one of my favorites. One of the reasons was for Gunnar Hansen’s portrayal of Leatherface. You notice how much feeling he put into that role. There’s the scene when Leatherface is confused to where so many of those people are coming from, he looks out the window and seems to be genuinely confused. His Leatherface, you could feel for, but also be afraid of. He became my personal favorite Leatherface. No one even came close to being as good. I never met the man, but always heard stories of how he was a kind and generous person to his fans. He’s an icon and is forever cemented in the hearts of millions. Thank you, Gunnar.



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