Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood (1988) Review


Directed by John Carl Buechler

Starring Terry Kiser and Lar Park Lincoln

Plot: When she was a child, Tina Shepard (Lincoln), used telekinetic powers to kill her father. She’s been affected by this for years and is asked to return to her old home. There she meets Dr. Crews (Kiser), who claims he wants to help her. A young man tries to flirt with Tina, she doesn’t show interest. Later, she is upset by her trials with Crews and heads to the lake and focuses her energy, with hopes of reviving him. Instead, she wakes up Jason. Who kills and kills again.


Next door to Tina’s, they’re having a birthday party for someone who Jason killed. Tina has visions of Jason and Dr. Crews doesn’t believe her. Jason kills more people and begins to stalk the house of partygoers. Tina’s mom discovers that Dr. Crews aims to exploit Tina’s powers and try to stop him. He threatens to commit Tina. Tina hears this and flees. Dr. Crews and the Mother try to follow her. Tina crashes a car and heads to the woods, Crews and the mother follow. Jason chases them, Crews places the mother in front of Jason, which gets her killed.


Jason kills Crews and Tina discovers her mom’s body, along with others. She faces off against Jason. Tina heads to the house of partygoers and finds them dead. She continues to use her powers on Jason. She returns to her home, where she is forced to have a final fight with Jason.


Review: This is Kane Hodder’s first time as Jason. He did good. Let’s see, I liked they used someone equal to Jason in this and Lar Park is really likable. I found the special effects to be very impressive. The other characters were dull though. I watched this all the time as a kid, but in recent years, I’ve grown fatigued to it. It’s rewatchabilty levels are low. It’s a good entry nonetheless.


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