Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan (1989) Review


Directed by Rob Hedden

Starring Kane Hodder and Jensen Daggett

Plot: Two high school seniors are partying in a boat on Crystal Lake. Their anchor unfortunately awakes Jason (Hodder). He kills both of them. The next day, all of the seniors board a boat headed to New York for their senior trip. We meet Rennie, a shy young girl, whose uncle is a teacher and a dick. Jason boards the ship too!


Rennie meets up with a nice guy and the two bond. Jason goes around killing the teens on the boat. It’s revealed that Rennie is afraid of water. Jason kills the Captain of the boat along with his first mate. A bad storm is happening at the time. So, whoever is left on the boat tries to hunt Jason, which doesn’t end too well for everyone. The survivors have no other choice than to leave the boat.


The survivors make it to New York, but are mugged, Rennie is kidnapped. Jason arrives in New York and actually saves her. Jason goes around killing the survivors one by one. We find out that Rennie’s uncle pushed her in the lake as a kid, to teach her how to swim. The uncle is killed. Now, Rennie and her man are on the run from Jason. The chase leads them into the sewers of the big apple!


Review: Yep, I know the popular criticism of this film is that it doesn’t mostly take place in NY. I understand that and all. I’ve always enjoyed this one. I was happy to see Jason in another place other than the woods of Crystal Lake. So, the ship stuff was welcome to me. This is actually my favorite Hodder Jason film. The kills were well done, characters were nothing to write home about. The score went a different direction and didn’t have the traditional F13th vocal, which didn’t hurt it. The best parts are when Jason is in New York. He rides the subway and is taken back by Times Square. It’s a fun movie with a terrible ending.


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