Dream log #2- Video Store Madness!

I can’t write enough about how video stores were very important in my life. One in general was the cream of the crop and that was Video Solution. I remember the layout to the store to this very day. Last night, my dream happened in VS. It was closing down or something. They were selling all of their movies. This dream has actually been common for me. They were selling movies for $1.50. Which is kind of cheap. They had dozens of VHS, they had so many copies of the Friday the 13th films, it was crazy. I remember picking up a movie called “Avenged” which I actually remember from there. I picked out a bunch of horror VHS to buy. They had this strange copy of Fright Night Part II in a clamshell case, it had episodes of the FN tv show and stuff from a game. Of course, that didn’t happen in real life. The dream was one of those that felt real. Sadly, I woke up. It’s sort of my life’s mission to buy as many VHS from Video Solution. I obtained a┬ácopy of “Top Dog” that use to rent back in the day and it came from Video Solution. Also, I have Psycho 2 and 4 from there. I really miss that place.



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