Jason goes to Hell: The Final Friday (1993) Review


Directed by Adam Marcus

Starring Kane Hodder and John D. Lemay

Plot: At the beginning of the film, an attractive young woman stops at a house in the Crystal Lake area. As she takes a shower, the lights goes off. When she goes to inspect, she is attacked by Jason (Hodder). She runs away from him, leading him into a trap setup by some men with guns. They shoot him to pieces and proceed with blowing him to bits. Jason’s body is taken to the medical examiner. He decides to eat Jason’s heart. He soon is possessed by Jason and goes on a killing spree.


A young man, Steven (Lemay) is asked by his ex-mother in law to come by, she has something to tell him. She happens to be Jason Voorhees’ sister. She is killed by someone possessed by Jason before she tells him what happened. Steven is the prime suspect of the murder. Jason’s niece, Jessica comes to town with her boyfriend, who has the mother’s body stolen. No one believes Steven except a bounty hunter, Creighton Duke, who knows how to kill Jason. Steven takes his advice and escapes from Jail.


The boyfriend of Jessica gets possessed by Jason and goes after her. He is stopped by Steven. After, a shootout and various murders, Jessica heads to the Voorhees home at the request of Creighton. Other people show up and no one knows who might be possessed by Jason. Long story short, Jason gets resurrected and is soon sent to hell. A surprise awaits him.


Review: Umm, it’s definitely a different movie. It tried to do something different, but it didn’t really make sense. Jason was good and so were the effects. The ending was great and probably one of the greatest endings out there.


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