Jason X (2002) Review


Directed by Jim Isaacs

Starring Kane Hodder and Lexa Doig

Plot: Jason Voorhees (Hodder) has been captured. The people holding him have tried many methods of execution, all have failed. So, they come to the conclusion to freeze him. Sadly, he escapes and kills dozens of people. He chases a scientist named Rowan (Doig) into the basement. She tricks him into the cryogenic chamber, freezing him. He has one more trick up his sleeve. He freezes both of them.


Students from the year, 2455, arrive and discover the bodies of Rowan and Jason. They place their bodies on a spaceship and go to space. They re-animate Rowan and Jason just wakes up. He kills, but this time in the future! Rowan is new to this time and can’t believe they brought Jason on board. The head teacher believes Jason to be worth a lot of money. Jason kills a military unit, as he tries to kill the remaining students, he faces an android, which kicks his ass.


Jason’s corpse is upgraded and he is now ‘Uber Jason’. He is unkillable, he attempts to destroy the ship. The android from earlier, decides to trick Jason with virtual reality. It is temporary, as Jason reaches the surviving students, he faces off against a hardcore military man. The students are saved and Jason burns up as the ship they were on is destroyed, he burns up in the atmosphere of Earth Two.


Review: God, I really dislike this movie. It’s one of those movies that you can’t understand how it got made. Like, if the Syfy channel had the rights, I’d understand. Sending a horror character to outer space is perhaps the worst idea out there.. After, JGTH most everyone expected Freddy vs. Jason, We didn’t get that. Instead, we got two terrible entries in each franchise. I can’t really think of anything positive about this flick. I guess, the kills were really inventive. The women were really beautiful. I have something special planned for this film.


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