Friday the 13th (2009) Review


Directed by Marcus Nispel

Starring Jared Padalecki and Danielle Panabaker

Plot: A group of youngsters come to Crystal Lake, looking for Marijuana plants. Instead, they find a sack wearing maniac named Jason Voorhees. He murders most of them. Months later, we meet Clay (Padalecki), he’s looking for his sister. Everyone tells him that it’s pointless because she’s dead, he don’t want to believe them. He makes enemies with a blond-haired a-hole and his friends.


Jason obtains a new mask, a hockey mask. He sets his eyes on the new youngsters. Clay comes across the youngsters again and is verbally assaulted. To make amends, Jenna (Panabaker) helps Clay find his sister. They head to the closed down camp, where they see Jason carrying a body. They run back to the house to tell everyone what they saw, but they are hard-headed. Clay’s sister is still alive and escapes, but Jason catches her. Voorhees decides to come kill all of the youngsters.


Clay and Jenna escape from Jason. They find Jason’s underground lair, Clay finds his sister. Jason kills Jenna and he then chases, Clay and his sister to a barn. Clay fights Jason, killing him. Clay dumps Jason’s body into the lake. Only for Jason to bust through the dock, grabbing Clay’s sister.


Review: This movie has the most annoying characters of any horror movie ever! The score is vomit. The movie just doesn’t look good. Derek Mears gave a good performance as Jason and Padalecki did well. Panabaker was very likable. I feel the movie would be better if were edited down and had a better score. Maybe a better poster too?


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