Random Nostalgia Post #6- Viva La Bam


It was 2003, I was in 7th grade. Viva la Bam premiered and I loved it. I would tune in every sunday to the Sunday Stew on MTV. The show focused on Bam Margera and his friends pulling a whole bunch of hijynx on his family. It was a funny show and I was hooked. One of my fondest memories was when a big snow was coming, I made some hot chocolate and watched the scavenger hunt episode. The first season was the best and the value declined after. The fifth season was without a doubt the worst. As I said earlier, the cast consisted of Bam’s friends and family. The best was the late Ryan Dunn and Bam’s uncle, Don Vito. Once the series went on, they continuously pulled pranks on Vito.

Another memory is when my parents and I went to another town, we got some chicken from Lee’s. We came home and they were having a marathon. Yeah, it’s something small, but I liked it. I also remember the long period of waiting between season 1 & 2. I never thought it was coming back. Anyways, that’s my memories. I bring this up because of the passing of Don Vito. He wasn’t a saint and he did some pretty awful things. But, he was apart of my childhood and I had plenty of laughs because him.


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