Dream log #3- I’m his father

I’ve been down with a fever for a few days and I have been sleeping. Usually when I’m sick, I have strange dreams. This is probably one of the strangest and longest as well as star studded dreams I have ever had.


The dream began with me coming home and my family were congratulating me on becoming a dad. I didn’t know what they were talking about. The kid was asleep and whatnot. So, I talked to a family member about it. I just couldn’t remember how I became a father and how this child was mine. Anyway, I got to hold the little kid and I was making him laugh and it actually made me happy. Later, his mom came by for about 2 seconds and I still couldn’t remember her.

After all of this, there were zombies and then Ash from the Evil Dead become one. Yeah. Everything turned into a basketball draft and there were a lot of people that I know in real life there. I fought some of these people in the style of  Moe Howard from the Three Stooges. I got to drive people home in a go-kart and it was silly.

I had borrowed the go-kart from that guy who trained Morgan on the Walking Dead acouple weeks ago. I talked to him about everything with this kid. Whether it was my kid or not, I was going to be a dad to him. It was a kodak moment. There was an earthquake and then I woke up.


Just a few small parts were left out like a rival town’s school marking their territory and Bill Moseley and other celebrites trying to leave the town.


Yeah, it probably don’t make much sense, it doesn’t to me either. It was kind of a heartwarming dream.


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