Thanksgiving Traditions

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving! A day set aside for overeating and conversating with family that makes no effort to be family any other time of the year! It’s a holiday that I’ve grown to like more and more, that’s due to the traditions that my family and I have put in place.


The night before Thanksgiving, we prepare the dinner. I usually help with the dressing. It’s a secret family recipe. Just kidding. After that, we gather around and watch Ernest P. Worrell commercials along with “Hey Vern! It’s my Family Album”. Both are really funny, I love Ernest and he’s a big hero of mine. When I was younger, I made it a point to play “GTA: Vice City”…just throwing that out there.


When it’s Thankgiving Day, I wake up and place the turkey in the oven. Then, I watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade.  After they air the dog show, which is always fun to watch. I like the hound category, mostly. After we eat our dinner, we sit around and chat. Then, I watch “Planes, Trains and Automobiles”. It’s probably my favorite John Hughes movie. It’s a real tearjerker. planes_trains_ronaldgrant-313

What Thanksgiving traditions do you have?


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