25 Days of Strange Christmas Flicks-Day One- Silent Night, Deadly Night (1984)


Directed by Charles Sellier

Starring Robert Brian Wilson and Linnea Quigley

Plot: The film begins with a family visiting their Grandfather at a rest home, once the parents look away, the seemingly distant old man tells Billy the truth about Santa. This scares Billy and on the way home, the family is stopped by a man wearing a Santa suit. He shoots at them and does some awful things including killing Billy’s parents. This screws Billy up and he is put in a home ran by nuns. He is constantly punished by Mother Superior for his odd behavior.


Years pass and Billy (Wilson) grows up into a handsome young man. He is assigned to a job at a store and seems to be doing really good. That’s until Christmas comes around. They dress him up as Santa for the children. He’s visibly uncomfortable and says awful things to the kids. Later at the party, Billy just loses it and murders everyone at the store.


Billy goes out and about killing everyone who he believes should be punished. He makes up his mind to return  back to the school that he spent his childhood. Cops catch wind of this and kill the wrong man. Everything ends with Billy being shot and killed before Mother Superior.


Review: This film caused a lot of sprained vaginas back in the 80s. Overall, it’s not really that bad. It’s not one of my favorite slasher films, but it’s okay. I think this is probably the only of the original series that has snow on it. If you’re a fan of 80s slashers, this is one you should check out.


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