25 Days of Strange Christmas Flicks-Day Three- Silent Night, Deadly Night III: Better Watch Out (1989)


Directed by Monte Hellman

Starring Bill Moseley and Samantha Scully

Plot: Ricky Caldwell (Moseley) is in a coma, he’s got a transparent dome on his head to help him heal. His doctor brings in a blind clairvoyant named Laura (Scully). She participated in a session that ended in a situation. Laura and her Brother leave town.


A man comes in dressed as Santa decides to taunt Ricky. He wakes up and kills him and then escapes. Laura meets her Brother’s girlfriend, whom she don’t really care for. They all leave and head for their Grandmothers home. Ricky is drawn to Laura and comes after her.


Ricky arrives at the house and kills. He chases Laura and ends with him getting impaled with something.


Review: It’s really bad. It’s really stupid. Bill Moseley is really calm on this, which is kinda strange. Samantha Scully is really beautiful, that’s probably the only positive about this movie.


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