25 Days of Strange Christmas Flicks- Day Five- Silent Night, Deadly Night 5: The Toy Maker (1991)



Directed by Martin Vitrosser

Starring Mickey Rooney and Jane Higginston

Plot: One night, a young boy finds a package on his porch, as he is about to open it his father stops him. He sends the boy to bed and decides to fiddle with the gift. It’s a toy of Santa Claus, it attacks and kills the father. This messes with the young boy’s mind.


Weeks later, Sarah (Higginston) the boy’s mother takes him to a toy store. They meet a strange young man who pulls a prank on them. His father Joe (Rooney) verbally abuses him. Sarah and her son leave and are followed by a man. The man reveals the truth to Sarah about the toys that Joe sells.

rooney 5 toymaker

The toys come to life and kill. Sarah also finds out that Joe’s son is a robot. So, Sarah has to stop the toys from killing her son!


Review: I watched this one the most as a kid. I love this one. It’s the best in the series. Mickey Rooney was really funny when he was verbally abusing his son. It’s a definite improvement over the 3rd and 4th films.


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