25 Days of Strange Christmas Flicks-Day Eleven- Night Train Murders (1975)


Directed by Aldo Lado

Starring Irene Miracle and Laura D’Angelo

Plot: Two girls decide to take a train to their familie’s house for Christmas. They are shacked up with two hoodlums and a sex crazed older woman. The two women are attacked and raped..


Review: Probably one of the most depressing flicks I’ve watched. It’s a blantant ripoff of “Last House on the Left” as you can tell by the poster. It’s from Italy and they make some really fucked up movies. This one ups the violence and it didn’t really need to. The dubbing for this was off. Like, there were moments where two people talk at the same time. It was just long and boring, mainly for it’s pacing problems. Not a fan.


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