25 Days of Strange Christmas Flicks- Day Twelve- Black Xmas (2006)


Directed by Glen Morgan

Starring Katie Cassidy and Mary Elizabeth Winstead

Plot: Some sorority sisters spend Christmas together in their house that has a history of murder. Meanwhile, the one who committed murders escapes from the hospital and he wants to spend Christmas with the sisters. Someone is going to lose an eye!


Review: I remember watching this along with the Hitcher remake back in high school. I had a bad time. That was a long time ago and I’ve  been a lot easier on movies and I do have to say that I really enjoyed this flick. Yeah, it’s not as good as Black Christmas from 1974, which this film is a remake of, but it was good. I really loved the lighting, it was so Christmassy. One thing, there really wasn’t any variety. Also, the score reminded me too much of Jason X, of course, you know how much I hate that movie.



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