25 Days of Strange Christmas Flicks-Day Thirteen- Puppet Master vs. The Demomic Toys (2004)


Directed by Ted Nicoloau

Starring Corey Feldman and Vanessa Angel

Plot:  The grandson of Andre Toulon (Feldman) brings the Puppets to life using the secret family formula. An evil toymaker named Ms. Sharpe (Angel) wants the Puppets and a demon wants Toulon’s blood and she has the help of the Demonic Toys. So, Full Moon’s two franchises faceoff.


Review: Yep, Full Moon’s two franchises faceoff and it’s not even produced by Full Moon. Even if it was made by them, it would most likely suck as well. There were talks of this film in the 1990s and I think budgetary reasons put it in development hell. It would have been decent if made in the 90s when Full Moon was on top. Anyway, this film is cheap. Like, when the puppets move, you can hear the robotics controlling them. The script is poorly written and the acting is so-so. There are a few amusing parts, but those don’t save this flick. Only positves were the beautiful women.


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