25 Days of Strange Christmas Flicks- Day Fourteen- P2 (2007)


Directed by Frank Khalfoun

Starring Rachel Nichols and Wes Bentley

Plot: A young woman named Angela (Nichols) is working on Christmas eve and ready to get home to her family. While leaving, she finds out that her car won’t start, so she gets the help of a security guard (Bently). Eventually she is knock unconscious and finds out that he has stalked her. He’s a psycho and kills anyone who stands in his way, she escapes and tries to hide in the very cold parking garage.  She has to fight for her right for Christmas.


Review: This film is sort of a slowburn. It takes a while for anything to happen, but when it does, it happens..teehee. I always found the characters likable and I feel the real struggle for Angela. It’s a neat film, it makes something as huge as a parking garage seem so claustrophobic. Bently plays a very good psycho but at some moments, he hams it up. One thing I found particulary unsettling is the blood, it’s so faky and it upsets me every time I watch it.


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