Star Wars (1977) Review


Directed by George Lucas

Starring Mark Hamill and Alec Guiness

Plot: The evil Empire has a weapon that can destroy an entire planet. The rebellion has the secret plans. They hide them in a droid. A young man named Luke (Hamill) finds the droids and delivers them to an old man named Obi-Wan (Guiness). They go and save the Princess, then go to led an assault against the Empire.


Review: A timeless classic that started the entire franchise. The story is strong and the acting is as well. Of course, the special effects are beyond amazing. Williams’ score is another plus  The first edition I watched was the 97 release. There are some things that shouldn’t have been added, but I like it. This is probably the definitive science fiction film of the 1970s. This is my second favorite Star Wars flick.



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