25 Days of Strange Christmas Flicks-Day Eighteen-Saint (2010)


Directed by Dick Maas

Starring Huub Stapel and Bert Luppes

Plot: Every December 5th on a full moon, Saint Nicolas comes and kills people. He was an evil and cruel saint that was burned alive way back when. Only one man knows how to truly stop him.


Review: I was expecting this to be dump. It was really good. I didn’t watch a dubbed version, but a subbed one. Overall, it was really impressive. The special effects were amazing. I give a high five to the cinematography department on this. It was visually beautiful. Things that I didn’t like were the cheap jump scares. They weren’t really effective. It reminded me a lot of John Carpenter’s The Fog, whether that intentional or not, I feel its an appropiate nod.


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