Christmas Traditions

We all have them..except those who don’t celebrate the holiday…

Christmas is one of my favorite holidays. I admit that it’s lost some charm over the years. It brings family together and that’s just fine.

Now, when I was younger, Christmas was huge. My mom would wrap presents and I’d sneak in and rip some of the paper off to see what I got. I was a little jerk, but I still enjoyed opening presents. Decorating the tree was another favorite part. I got some Grinch ornaments and would specifically place them on the tree…sadly I don’t have any of those anymore.

Another fave of mine was eating sugar cookie dough and drinking boiled custard. If you don’t know what boiled custard is, then I feel bad for you son. It’s like vanilla ice cream that you can drink. I don’t know what the original use of that stuff is, but I bet its not as good.

Movies are a big part of my life, obviously. I have a few that I make it a point to watch. How the Grinch Stole Christmas (Both versions), Ernest Saves Christmas,  A Christmas Story, Black Christmas (1974). Thinking back, it was Christmas that I recieved my first horror films. They were Frankenstein (1931) and Night of the Living Dead (1968).

Usually, late in the month, we take a ride around looking at Christmas lights. They’re really not as good as they use to be. But, it was classic to hear about my dad put the stop signs up in one of the neighborhoods back in the 70s.

When I was a kid, Christmas Eve would come and we’d head over to my Aunt’s house for Dinner. Then, we’d open presents. The most memorable thing was when my late Uncle would pass out presents. I got so many cool things there. The shining moment was when I got a Space Godzilla toy. I also got a portable CD player, which was hip.

We’d leave from my Aunt’s and head home to open our presents. It was a fun time that I took for granted. I miss getting awesome toys. I got toy cars, wrestling toys w/wrestling ring, race track set and of course, a train set. Then, we’d end the night off watch A Christmas Story.

Christmas has been declining for years. I still enjoy it, but it’s changed so much. I can’t wait for future Christmas’ and hopefully that I’ll start some new traditions one day or a thousand.


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