Worst of 2015!

2015 was one heck of a year! It was a year of many ups and downs…mostly downs. The following is the worst movies and shows of 2015!


Scream Queens- I expected this show to be not-so-good. I figured that I’d tune in and watch it, out of respect for Jamie Lee Curtis. It gave me a headache. Ryan Murphy should be banned from the genre of Horror. American Horror Story is also from him, which I also truly despise.


Ash vs. The Evil Dead- Now, I’ll get flack for this. It was so awesome to see Ash back. But, it just didn’t feel like Evil Dead to me. There were highlights, but that’s all this show was. People were blind to everything wrong with this. I can just hope this show gets better and if it were to grow, they need to kill off Pablo. He’s such an annoying, stereotypical character.





Terminator: Genisys- A sequel that no one really asked for. There were tons of neat things… Arnold was good, but this film tried so hard. Hopefully, this will be the end of the Terminator franchise. I seriously doubt it.


Poltergeist- Another movie that no one really asked for. It was lame and added nothing new to the table. I, for some reason wanted to watch this. It let me down big time.


Mad Max: Fury Road- I didn’t hate this one. I just didn’t see the appeal of it. It was incredibly boring, it’s 99% car chases and that’s not good. Everyone talks so good about it and I don’t understand it.




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