Best of 2015!

Like what I did with the worst. The following is the best of 2015!


Marvel’s Daredevil- The only show that I actually really liked was this.  The fights were well coordinated and the characters were really likable. I developed a huge crush on Deborah Ann Woll. I can’t wait for season 2!


Sadly, Daredevil is the only new thing I watched this year.



Jurassic World- At the beginning of the year, I was eager for the next Avengers and Star Wars, but this one really blew them out of the water (I like those both). This one brought me to tears and to the edge of my seat. It kicked ass, like so much ass.

maxresdefault (1)

Krampus- The absolute best horror film of the year. I liked Maggie with Arnold Schwarzenegger, but Krampus was just really good!


Creed- This was a surprise. It was an uplifting movie and nice to see Rocky back.



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