The Green Inferno (2015) Review


Directed by Eli Roth

Starring Lorenza Izzo and Ariel Levy

Plot: A bunch of college activists go into the Amazon forest to protest against deforestation. They believe all is going their way until the plane carrying them crashes and they are captured by the natives…who believe they are the enemy.

my-three-biggest-problems-with-the-green-inferno-639455 (1)

Review: It took so long for this movie to come out. I’ve seen so many people put it down.  I’m no expert on cannibals movies. I prefer to stay away from them. But upon watching this, I can say it wasn’t awful.  I’m not a fan of Eli Roth, but I didn’t hate this. The main character played by Lorenza Izzo is likable. In all honesty, she is the only character that I liked. There were many unneeded moments that tried to be funny, but really weren’t. Plus, there were CGI ants that were PS1 graphics. Ending was poopy though.


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