Thoughts: The Praise of The Force Awakens


A few weeks ago, Star Wars fans packed theaters to watch the newest film, The Force Awakens. It was a success. People have talked about how great it was. I really enjoyed, but I have something to say about it.

Now, I liked it, but wanted to like it more. I smiled so many times during it. But, it lacked a lot for me. People have praised it as a true Star Wars film. That’s okay, they’re entitled to their opinions. Although, I have seen so many people blindly enjoy the film, just because of their hatred of the prequels.

Now, the prequels have a lot wrong with them, but they were completely different. We were introduced to new worlds, new characters and brilliant scores. Force Awakens had good stuff about it. Yet, it wasn’t anything special. We were taken to a desert planet, a forest planet, and we had another Death Star. All stuff we had from the original trilogy. I understand little nods, but that’s all it was.

I felt there should have been more buildup with stuff. There wasn’t any tension on this. It just relied on people’s nostalgia, which it wasn’t suppose to. Its my third least favorite of the Star Wars films.





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