In Remembrance of Angus Scrimm


As most of the horror community has heard, the legendary horror actor, Angus Scrimm passed away. I’ve been meaning to revisit the Phantasm films that he’s best known for. But, I’d like to share what his performance as ‘The Tall Man’ had on me.

I was a young kid, I start most of my things like this, but that’s when I was introduced to most horror films. My mom rented a film called Phantasm. You see, this is a strange movie. You can’t describe it and you feel uneasy while watching it. I remember jumping for all the scenes of the little Jawa type creatures. But, I will always remember a scene where The Tall Man was walking down the street. He stopped on the side of the ice cream truck. That was always scary to me, even to this day.

He played this character for three other movies and another one is on the way. The character was mysterious and had a vibe about him that probably wouldn’t be the same if another actor put on the suit. He had a menacing look. His tone of voice was chilling. He was perfect. I had hoped to meet him at a convention back in September. He didn’t show up because he fell ill. Rest in Peace, Mr. Scrimm. Thanks for the scares.


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