Cameron’s Closet (1988) Review


Directed by Armand Mastroianni

Starring Cotter Smith and Mel Harris

Plot: Cameron is a young boy with telekinetic powers is experimented on by his father, an accident kills the kids old man and he’s took in by his mom. Cameron continues to show strange behavior as he talks to someone in his closet. People also die while a detective and a psychiatrist work tirelessly to help Cameron.


Review: Honestly, I didn’t know of this. I was just browsing movies on Crackle and there it was. It’s based on  I was very interested in the story and to find out that Harry Manfredini provided the score for this one was another sell. The film had pretty good acting from all actors. Surprisingly, the young actor playing Cameron did well too and I don’t say that much for child actors. The film follows with some genuinely creepy moments. It does get a tad bit silly towards the end and loses steam. It’s very imaginative and you should definitely track it down.


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