Fantastic Four (2015) Review


Directed by Josh Trank

Starring Kate Mara and Michael C. Jordan

Plot: Reed Richards discovers how to teleport. This gets the attention of some guys that are very interested in teleporting folks. So, he works along side other smart folks and they succeed! They take it upon themselves to travel to another dimension where an accident occurs. They survive but are given special powers!


Review: I love Marvel’s first family! I grew up reading their comics and watching their cartoons. I even enjoyed the 2005 and 2007 films. I went into this one with open mind. I’ve heard all the fuss about this being one of the worst comic book adaptations of all time. First off, you can definitely tell that this film was going to be completely different. The director commented about how his version will never be seen, which is a real shame. Overall, this film felt like it was haphazardly put together. There just seems to be so much left out.

Let’s talk about the main actors. I think they’ve got pretty good chemistry. I really loved the direction this film went in with them dealing with their changing bodies, but once again, it was too late into the film. Then in came the Marvel’s most dastardly villain, with no build-up, Doctor Doom. I felt that he was done far better in the other films, but the actor did very well. Anyway, I enjoyed this and believe it’s not as good as the other two. The Thing looked awesome and hopefully, Marvel can obtain the rights. ‘Nuff said


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