The Witch (2015) Review


Directed by Robert Eggers

Starring Anya Taylor-Joy and Ralph Ineson

Plot: A family in the 17th century leave their community and decide to make a life on some land. One day, the family baby is kidnapped and taken away. This takes a toll 0n the family and they suspect witchcraft.


Review: I was so happy for this film. I thought it was going to be really entertaining. I mean, you’d think that with it being an independent film being released nationwide? Well, I was disappointed with this film big time and I know the horror purists out there will say otherwise. They eat everything that is given to them. “Oh boy, this horror film will be great, I will suddenly become blind when it sucks”.

I’m not trying to knock it so bad. I mean, this is a first feature for the director and I appreciate the work on the films attention to detail. The acting was really great and there were great moments of suspense and terror. But, it falls short. It drags on and goes nowhere. I can barely understand the dialogue and the cast can get a tad bit annoying.

Quite like every other horror film that gets a lot of praise. Stephen King said it was the scariest movie he’s ever watched. The same thing was done when “The Babadook” came out. They get someone in the horror community to promote it, to make folks see it. I mean, I walk into horror movies with low standards and don’t expect them to be good. I get lowered into the ground further when they suck even worse. It just makes folks like Stephen King sounds like a wuss.

I know that I will be attacked over my opinion. The film is just not my cup of tea. Folks will say “You don’t know true horror” or “You don’t like modern horror films”… That’s not entirely true. I loved Bone Tomahawk, You’re Next, and Krampus.


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