Random Nostalgia Post #9- Someone’s got a birthday!

It’s February 26th aka my birthday. You know, after 25 years on this planet, I really miss the old bdays I’d have.

One of the earliest birthdays I remember was in 94 or 95. I was a young lad, of course. I remember having cake and I think Pizza too. I have a few pictures of my the toys I recieved but I think they weren’t that good.

1996 brought me the most memorable bday ever. I remember everyone gathering around as I opened a huge box. Inside it was tons of power rangers and TMNT toys. Another tidbit, after the party we went to the video store and rented Halloween 6…which was new at the time.

Yeah, I appreciate every bday. It shows that I can live another year. So, Happy Birthday me.


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