What if?? #1- Charles Lee Ray Succeeds? (Child’s Play)

Hey kids! I hope everyone is having a pleasant day. Because it’s about to go into a different direction.

I’ve been a fan of the Marvel series called “What if” and I’ve been wanting to do something along those lines, but with movies. I’m sure somewhere in the darkest parts of the internet, someone has done the same thing and that’s just too bad!

Now, a good what if, is one that the villain succeeds and there are plenty of films to choose from…I’m going to choose one of my favorite horror films, Child’s Play. Yes, the 1988 film that introduced us to Chucky. A doll with a bad attitude.


I’m going to choose a particular scene. When Chucky meets up with John (The Voodoo Priest) to find out what can be done about his predicament of having his soul in a plastic body. After being tortured, John spills the beans and tells Chucky that (SPOILERS) the first person he told his secret identity to, is the only he can transfer his soul into, so he can live again.

In the film, Chucky stabs the priest’s voodoo doll that he was using to torture him with. Leaving John for dead, only for Mike Norris and Andy Barclay’s mom, Karen Barclay (the mother of the child that Chucky has his sights set on) to find him. John tells the two about what Chucky plans to do.


What if Chucky killed John before leaving?

Think of this, Chucky instead of stabbing the voodoo doll. He decapitates it and goes on about setting fire to the priests home, leaving no trace, no nothing about how to stop him. The movie would go on about the same, Chucky goes to the hospital where Andy is being kept, Andy escapes to go back home. Karen and Mike arrive at John’s house, which is burned to the ground. They get word about Andy going missing.

Andy is back at his home. His mother knows that Andy will return home when in trouble. But, Chucky is there and he knocks Andy out. Of course, we have to make another change. Chucky succeeds in saying the chant and his soul is now inside the body of Andy.

Now,  Karen and Mike come into the home. The doll that Chucky possessed now lays on the floor next to Andy. Karen instinctively knocks it away. Andy’s eyes open to look at his mom. He smirks like Chucky would.

Andy is long gone. Chucky is now Andy. But, will Chucky act like Andy or will he just murder everyone.

Let’s take a look at the first scenario- Chucky acts like Andy.

Chucky attempts to live life as Andy. After all the hospital treatments, Andy is released. There were a few possible hospital accidents that may or may not have been caused by Chucky. He’s goes back to school, he’s a bully. He murders teachers and others. He then goes after Mike, who he promised to kill the night that he was fatally shot in the toy store. Mike doesn’t want to believe that Andy is Chucky. But, since stranger things have happened, he knows it to be true.

Mike tries to convince Karen. She can’t come to terms with the fact that Andy might be dead. Mike has Andy put away. Yep, pretty boring. Do you really expect Mike just to shoot Andy and not knowing how to kill Chucky for good, he’s just pumps him full of lead. Kinda grim.

Scenario two- Chucky just kills as Andy

Mike and Karen are overcome and killed the first minute that they turn their back. There’s no acting just murdah. Chucky leaves and people are trying to find Andy. Huge manhunt or childhunt. Chucky just kills and perhaps switches bodies along the way. You know to evade police better.


Yes, these are bleak. Oh, a huge question would be “Will Andy talk like Chucky?” Yes, but he will be able to talk like Andy too. It would be very amusing to hear a six year old child speaking with Brad Dourif’s northern accent.



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