What If? #2- Pamela Lives

Howdy strangers! It’s me, the one , the only, Cory Allen. I know for a fact that there are other Cory Allen’s out there, but meh. I have another what if for you handsome folks out there. So, don’t lose your head!

In 1980, a small film called “Friday the 13th” was released. It was a box office smash and well the critics didn’t really care about it.. Anyway, we were introduced to SPOILERS the killer, Mrs Voorhees, played by the late Betsy Palmer. This film managed to spawn countless sequels and made Jason Voorhees (her son) a pop culture icon!

Now, if you aren’t too familiar with the first film. It ends with Mrs. Voorhees getting her head chopped off at the hands of Alice Hardy. The survivor then rows onto the lake and is pulled under by Jason Voorhees. Which turns out to be a dream. I’m sorry if you haven’t watched the film, it came out in 1980 and is perhaps the easiest Friday the 13th flick to get, I even wrote a blog about it.

Before I stray away from the point, I’m going to be looking at an alternate history. Let’s say this, if Mrs. Voorhees didn’t get beheaded and she was able to continue her killing spree and whatnot. SO LET’S GET STARTED!

Let’s make a minor change or it may be a major. Mrs. Voorhees is stabbed instead of being beheaded. She crawls away when Alice believes herself to be victorious. Let’s just say that Alice can still have a dream about baby Jason pulling her into the water. I’m sure that would have happened anyway.

Alice would wake up at the hospital the same way it did in the film. Only the police tell her that they didn’t find a boy in the lake OR the body of Mrs. Voorhees. So, you’re probably asking yourself, where in the fuck is Mrs. Voorhees? Well, she retreats and is probably consoled by Jason. Which she believes is dead, but he’s most certainly not.

Jason is alive, but he’s not a killer. His mother is never murdered before him, to make him one. So, he’s still an innocent person. Mrs. Voorhees is still hellbent on bringing revenge upon those who “killed” her son. She probably has to flee. Alice does know her name and the cops are probably coming after her.

Let’s say that five years pass (just like the time between Friday the 13th Part 1 & 2). Mrs. Voorhees returns to Crystal Lake and murders some folks. Jason still hasn’t killed anyone. Let’s get into some scenarios!

Scenario #1- Mrs. Voorhees is not killed in any of the sequels

Of course, it would be less interesting. Seeing an older woman like Betsy Palmer returning every film. There would be no hockeymask, there would be no nothing. Who knows, the series probably wouldn’t even make it long. Making it very forgettable like many other slasher films at that time.

Scenario #2- Mrs. Voorhees is killed and Jason doesn’t know

One of the main reasons that the series became what it was, is because Jason saw his mother beheaded that Friday the 13th. But, what if he didn’t? Jason isn’t the brightest horror character out there. He would probably wait for his mother to come back and she never would. Which would make for a great dramatic film.

Scenario #3- Mrs. Voorhees is arrested and Jason is put in a home somewhere.

Yep, the most boring scenario. Mrs. Voorhees makes a fluke and is arrested. Jason is found and taken to a institution somewhere. Who knows, Jason could live in normal society and perhaps even snap? Whatever the case is, it is less interesting.


Well that’s this What if. Be sure to tip your waitress.


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