Batman Forever (1995) Review


Directed by Joel Schumacher

Starring Val Kilmer and Jim Carrey

Plot: Bruce Wayne (Kilmer) moonlights as Batman in Gotham, he has a huge fan named Edward Nigma (Carrey) whom he upsets. This drives Nigma insane and he turns into the Riddler and teams with Two Face. Nigma has an invention that steals peoples brainwaves and Nigma finds out Wayne’s biggest secret….he’s not Michael Keaton!


Review: I admit that I really like this one. I liked Kilmer’s Batman. Jim Carrey did a very good job at playing himself, or should I say the Riddler. Tommy Lee Jones was nothing more than a Jack Nicholson Joker wannabe and his performance is probably the weakest, next to Nicole Kidman. This is when they started to get campy again. But, I liked it. Plus, it’s got Kiss from a Rose by Seal on the soundtrack!


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