VHS Art Appreciation #1- Act of Vengeance


Howdy strangers! It’s time for something new. I’ve been doing film reviews and top whatever lists for a while now and I just want to change it up a bit. I am no stranger when it comes to VHS and one thing that sets VHS apart from all other types of physical media is the art for the covers. Whether it be drawn or a shot from the film, the cover was usually better than the film itself.

We’re going to look at a film that I never watched, yet I was always intrigued with the cover. The film is Act of Vengeance aka Rape Squad. If I understand the plot correctly, a bunch of rape victims gang up on a rapist. The cover had a hockey masked man attacking a woman. As a kid, who loved the Friday the 13th films, this cover caught my eye.

The film was in the thriller section of Video Solution (my favorite video store) which was beside the horror. I picked the case every now and then. I wanted to rent it, but never did. To this day, it’s a film that I’d love to have in my collection!


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