Thoughts: Godzilla Resurgence Trailer

The trailer dropped for Toho’s newest Godzilla film and well…..


First off, images were released not too long ago and of course, the poster was as well. As an avid fan of Godzilla, you’d think that I’d be estatic? I’m not. Watching the trailer, I noticed many cool shots that they got. Godzilla attacking modern day Tokyo is very welcomed. But, the design look horrid. Now, here’s to hoping that Godzilla will be looking normal later in the film.

The trailer was strange. I assume that’s how they do things in Japan. I’m speaking about the music and no dialogue. This looks to have a decent size budget. There were some scenes of destruction that looked pretty cool.

Overall, the main flaw is Godzilla’s design. It’s the worst. Yes, even worse than Son of Godzilla’s costume.


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