What if?- Tommy Jarvis became the killer?

Howdy strangers! It’s that time once again to ponder on what could’ve been. Today’s focus will be on the Friday the 13th series once again! While recently watching both Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter and A New Beginning, you could obviously tell that the series was trying to push a Tommy Jarvis led Friday the 13th movie.

Now, look at the signs. Tommy Jarvis lost his mother, much like Jason. Both films end with Tommy Jarvis either looking at the camera menacingly or donning the hockey mask. It’s something that isn’t too uncommon. Halloween 4 tried the same thing, only to drop out and make Michael the killer again. This also happened with Friday. But, I wonder…

Tommy Jarvis was messed up. We’re going to keep Part 5 in existence, not because it’s a good movie, but we’ll get to see the build. At the end, of course, Tommy wears the mask frompoor Roy Burns who lost it once he became a holy man. We were left with the image of Tommy holding a butcher knife getting ready to kill Pam, THE hottest woman from Part 5!

So, we’ll drop the scenarios like dis.

Scenario #1- Tommy kills under the guise of Jason

After Tommy kills Pam. We get Friday the 13th Part VI: Jarvis Kills?…. Tommy Jarvis walks around Crystal Lake, possibly telling folks about the legend of Jason and how it’d be best if they’d stay from Crystal Lake. Of course, the teens come back and Jarivs decides to kill them. Tommy wears a hockey mask. The arrows on the mask will be green? Let’s say that. Since Jason had red arrows and Roy wore blue. Tommy has to be different.

We’d get moments where Tommy fights hisself. Deep down, the good guy Jarvis is there, but Jason has taken over. It’d be some neat psychological moments. A fight inside. Jarvis decides that the only way he can live is if he destroys Jason for good. So, much like Jason Lives, Jarvis digs up the corpse of Voorhees. You could have some pretty nightmarish moments. Somehow, Jason comes back either by lightning bolt or whatever.

It’s a copout, but Jason is there. Jarvis fights Jason again. He pulls no punches. Weapons are used, kicks and everything. It’s action packed. Tommy overcomes and destroys Jason. Tommy is cured. He does what anyone would do (or I’d hope so) and turn himself in for the murders he commited. He’s sent away. Then with the next film, you could bring Jason back.

Scenario #2- Tommy lives his life

A boring choice. Let’s say that Tommy sees what happens and drops the knife. He is obviously screwed up. He gets hypnotised to make him forget about Jason. Jason is no longer apart of his life. He has no desire to dig up the corpse and bring Jason back. There are no more Fridays 😦

Tommy lives a good life with a daughter in the midwest, maybe Ohio. Where his daughter is killed in her dreams by Freddy Krueger! Tommy learns everything about Krueger. He can’t stop him, but he knows of someone that can. Yep, that’s right… Reggie the Reckless!




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