What Have I Been Watching? (April 24th-April 30th)

Howdy Strangers! Let’s talk about that stuff I’ve been watching. I know you are dying to know!


The Sheik- It’s a pretty good documentary about professional wrestler, The Iron Sheik. You can hear from the #1 Sheik about his life growing up in Iran to coming to the USA and teaching wrestling to going on to wrestle professionally. You see his rise as the top heel of the WWF in the 80s to his decline and family problems. It is an insightful look at what a wrestler’s life can be like. It’s also pretty funny.  It’s a definite must-watch if you’re not a jabroni.

*batteries not included- A film that I haven’t watched since the 90s. An old rundown building is set for destruction until some robot aliens come and fix everything. It’s a very heartwarming film.

Back in Time- Back to the Future is a film that I love and this documentary is a look at the legacy. There are interviews with Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd and many others apart of the films storied legacy.

Preservation- three people go on a camping trip and they wake up with none of their stuff. They are then pursued by three masked maniacs. It’s a movie that I’ve heard about and never had the chance to watch it, but I did and I really enjoyed it!

Contracted- A woman has sex with an unknown man. The next day she feels it. She bleeds and other disgusting things happen. Its just a gross horror movie with horrible characters.




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