War of the Gargantuas (1966) Review


Directed by Ishiro Honda

Starring Russ Tamblyn and Kumi Mizuno

Plot: On a stormy night, a giant creature came from the sea and attacked a boat. This really gets the world talking. A scientist (Tamblyn) is asked about a creature that he and his group of pals tested on five years prior. They do not believe that the creature that rose from the sea was theirs, as it viciously attacks and eats humans and….is green .

The Army comes up with a plan to destroy the creature and it seems like it’ll work. While they’re patting each other on the back, they discover that there is another creature that comes to the aid of its brother. This is the creature that the science folks worked with, he is brown. Later, the two Gargantuas fight!


Review: Of all the must-see Toho flicks that I’ve seen, this is one that always evaded me. I’ve heard from about everyone that this one is pretty good. So, thanks to Hulu, I was able to watch this film. I always heard that it was a sequel to “Frankenstein Conquers the World“, another Toho flick that I have not watched. But, I was assured that I didn’t need to watch it.

The film follows the Toho formula. It started out with a monster attacking and you get the moments where the Army uses their useless weapons on these giant creatures. Which the formula works. I love these types of movies. The two Gargantua costumes could be better, but I’m not going to hold that against the movie. The fight scenes were really well done. The scenes where the green gargantua attacks an airport looks bloody amazing.

Towards the end of the film, the brown gargantua tries to reason  with the green one. That’s really something you never had in a Toho flick before. The gargantuas have character, at least the brown did. It was very much welcomed.

Akira Ifukube’s score wasn’t anything special. I’m not sure if the Japanese version had another score, but hearing the recycled scores from various Godzilla movies feels a bit cheap. That’s like if Halloween H20 used music from Scream….oh wait…


Overall, it was a grand flick and I kick myself for taking this long to watch it. Ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch.



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