11.22.63 (Review)

Howdy strangers! I recently got a subscription to Hulu. One of the main reasons is because I wanted to watch 11.22.63. I’m a big fan of Stephen King adaptations. I’m also interested in time travel, what if’s and the JFK assassination. So, this was right down my ally. So sit back and enjoy.


Story: So, this series starred James Franco. He is an actor that I can say I’m a huge fan of. He’s usually starring in vehicles with Seth Rogen and junk. Anyway, he plays a teacher named Jake Epping. He is a well liked teacher and is friend to a lot. Especially, the owner of a burger joint, Al played by Chris Cooper.  Al lets Jake in on a secret. The secret being a time portal in the closet of his burger joint.

At first, Jake thinks Al is a loon until he walks into the portal and is sent back to 1960. He comes back talks about stuff with Al. Al wants Jake to travel through the portal to stop JFK from being assassinated, being that everything will be better if Kennedy survives. Reluctant, Jake goes into the past and fits in with the times.

Jake has to wait for three years for the assassination, so along the way, he stops to help a family from being murdered and whatnot. He befriends a boy from Kentucky (representing!) and the two travel to Texas, so they can get the poop on Lee Harvey Oswald.

In Texas, Jake gets a job at a school. He is using a different name and whatnot. He meets a beautiful young blonde, who is the librarian. The two hit it off and begin to date. Meanwhile, Jake and his new partner have rented a place close to Oswald. Being close enough to spy on the would-be assassin.

Things seem to be going right until Jake’s partner befriends Oswald. This, of course, is a no-no.


Review: This is probably one of the best Stephen King miniseries’ ever! I really became hooked with it. James Franco did a very good job. Basically, everyone was at the top of their game. Such emotion. I really didn’t want this to end. The soundtrack was incredible and it felt like Stand By Me and IT at moments. There were tons of easter eggs and if you know Stephen King lore, you’ll be able to point them out.

Overall, every episode offered something good. It offered laughs, moments of suspense and it made you think. Most of all, it will warm your heart. That’s something that I wasn’t really expecting. There is a great moment where Franco .. well you’ll see it. Don’t want to spoil something so good for you, guys!




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